About Linkrack

Linkrack exists to serve as your browser's home and new-tab pages. Here we have a rack of links with the top sites on the internet. Your favorite links are automatically displayed according to how many times you click them.

After you have clicked at least one link, the next time you visit Linkrack, the links you clicked will be displayed first. Links that you have racked the most times will be displayed before links you have hardly clicked on. All this is done with cookies so no log in is required to get the full benefits from using Linkrack. You can reset the links you have racked by deleting your Linkrack cookie. Search the help section in your browser for more information on deleting cookies.

Linkrack is available for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

You can search through the whole rack of links to rack links by category, click popularity, random, or by last time clicked by any users (temporal.)

So if you ever get tired of fumbling through bookmarks, or manually typing in search engines, or having to use your browser's address bar, just to get to top sites, then Linkrack is for you.

Ownership and Authority

This site and the services it offeres are the creation of Timothy D. Stringfellow. This site is a legal business, owned and operated by Mr. Stringfellow (sole proprietorship) under the laws of the State of Arkansas and the United States.

Site Inclusion

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To have your site listed as a sponsor, contact the site owner. Sponsored links are different from top links in that they are paid advertisements. Sponsored links are served in the same format as top links with the exception of the mandatory "Sponsored" mark, and this site's Sponsored category. A sponsored link may or may not be a top site.

Is there a Top Site Missing?

Only sites listed by a creditable source as being one of the most popular sites in that category will be considered as a top site. Top sites are among the top ranked sites on the internet. In the event that you find your favorite top site is missing from the rack of links on Linkrack, and you know without a doubt that your favorite site is a top site and you can prove it, contact Mr. Stringfellow, but if, and only if, the site truly is a top site.

Contact Us

Timothy D. Stringfellow
310 3rd Street,
Kingsland, AR 71652